Memorialize your pet in stone with an Ashes to Stone Pet Urn

My Sassy

I cried till I couldn't cry anymore hoping that Sassy would comeback through the door. I know she would not want to see me like this, crying broken hearted and a total mess.

I told myself it would be alright, but it was hard knowing she would not be by my side.

I hope and pray she is alright; she was my baby, my best friend, my love at first sight.

I know one day we will reunite. I will then tell her everything is alright.

We know how hard it is to lose a pet. We at Ashes to Stone would like the opportunity to Memorialize your Pet forever with a unique one of a kind hand made Pet Urn from Ashes to Stone.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to Stray Rescue of Saint Louis, Mo


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My Best Friend Speaks No Words.